Incomparable infinity pool covers

A walkable tarp that unites aesthetics, functionality, and innovative technology


Flexible stretched safety cover for swimming pools by Coverseal

PVC walkable pool covers.

Coverseal represents the new generation of infinity pool covers thanks to years of research that have patented our technology.



No electrical wiring. Our cover is autonomous because it is powered through photovoltaic panels.



Our pool covers remain perfectly in tension thanks to the resistance of the PVC tarpaulin.



All our pool covers are the product of years of research that has brought us to the realization of a long-lasting product through the employment of high-tech materials.



Our pool covers (automatic and manual) comply with the strictest world-wide regulations concerning security (French legislation NF P 90-308 December 2013).

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Coverseal is a motorized pool cover that unites elegance and functionality

  • PVC Ferrari brand pool tarpaulin unequal to anything on the market;

  • Electrical covering system that warms up the pool during the summer months, and preserves its integrity during the winter months;

  • Automatic and resistant cover that does not morph and prevent water stagnation; 

  • All of our pool covers are equipped with an automatic and fast-working blockage system, in compliance with security regulations;

Couverture de piscine Coverseal C900 Modèle Automatique Caisson beige Membrane beige.

Three models to custom according to your personal taste

Couverture de piscine Coverseal C500M Modèle Manuel Membrane grise


A simple system—elegant, minimalist, flexible, and easy to activate with a ratchet key. Reliability and security are guaranteed for every circumstance.

Couverture de Piscine Coverseal C500SA Modèle Semiautomatique Membrane grise


Harmonious and capable of adapting to every need. This model is equipped with a movable command panel and rechargeable batteries.

Couverture de piscine Coverseal C600 Modèle Automatique Caisson gris Membrane grise.


Green and patent automation technology, as well as a completely customizable design to perfectly match with the surroundings.

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Why choose the motorized Coverseal pool cover?

250 - 500 kg

It supports the weight of snow and people, without morphing

10 mm

Track thickness of maximum security


It resists most rigid temperatures

An expert’s opinion

A flat track guides and simultaneously closes Coverseal pool covers. Furthermore, it accompanies the movement of the tarp along the pool to avoid any rubbing. The track is constantly closed by a protection mechanism, and the track’s rounded sides is extremely safe for everyone’s feet, as well as effective because it impedes the accumulation of dirt and debris.

The technical manager

Expert Coverseal
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Find the electric cover that best fits your needs.

The motorized Coverseal covers come with an isothermal tarpaulin and guarantee security and eco-sustainability thanks to the photovoltaic panels that power them. 

All models are customizable.


Tarpaulin Colors:

Mechanism lining colors: RAL Classic K7 color chart (except fluorescent)

Coloris Membrane Coverseal

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