Retractable covers

Retractable pool covers: comfort, technology, and customization for your security



Thanks to their easy removal, our retractable pool covers are ideal for private customers and for businesses such as agritourism locations and hotels.



The Coverseal mobile pool covers open and close easily and quickly with the help of a remote control attached to a wall or to a panel that overlooks the entire pool (French regulation AFNOR NF P 90-308 December 2013)



Whatever the size of your pool, we offer a customization service that will adapt to each and every one of your needs

Fond Gris

Retractable pool covers for the security and commodity of your pool, adaptable to every need

Retractable safety pool cover

One of the many advantages of mobile pool covers if the possibility to optimize the space that the pool occupies, both during the summer and the winter months. By making the space that your pool occupies a walkable one, you will be able to use it in complete safety. The Ferrari brand tarp that we use contains a high quantity of PVC mm2, which makes it more resistant to UV rays, as well as a strong and stable polyester weft that will sustain the weight of those who might walk on it. 

Patented pool covers

The unique and patented Coverseal system consists of a mechanism that allows our Ferrari branded PVC tarp to unroll and block itself simultaneously, thanks to the only 10-millimeter track—completely discreet, as well. The track guarantees total security for those who might walk close to it, since it is protected by a band that permanently closes it and prevents the accumulation of debris.

Why choose retractable pool covers ?

Having a Coverseal retractable pool cover will allow you to enjoy a high-quality product that complies with French normative SFNOR NF p 90-308 December 2013.

Practicality and resistance: these are the two most important words for all Coverseal products.

Our pool cover system allows to protect the pool throughout the winter months and guarantees clean and clear water during the summer.This ensures economic savings not only on your pool maintenance costs (for instance, your cleaning products), but also on the extraordinary pool maintenance and cleaning, which become practically unnecessary, especially during the winter months.