Walkable pool covers

A unique solution to protect and better use your pool in complete safety during the summer and winter months.

Optimisation de votre espace
Economies d'énergie




Thanks to a PVC Ferrari tarpaulin, which is resistant and long-lasting, you will be able to maximize your pool space

Using materials that have been patented by Coverseat will allow you to walk on top of the pool cover in complete safety, according to French regulation AFNOR NF 90-308 December 2013

By choosing our hard and walkable pool covers, you will greatly reduce the use of products that are needed to clean and upkeep the pool—which become, basically, useless.

Fond Gris

Coverseal cover for safety pools: safety, ecology and economy

Advanced technology

After many years of research and a detailed study of materials, our walkable pool covers represent a unique product on the market thanks to the perfect balance between technology and beauty. By uniting PVC materials and the elegance of walkable pool covers we obtained a perfect mixture of comfort and allure.

Compliant with French regulation

AFNOR NF P 90-308 décembre 2013 : our security covers for pool have been specifically studied and created to support the weight of one or more people, especially children, while respecting existing safety regulations. By choosing rigid and walkable covers it is possible to optimize the space that the pool occupies throughout the entire year.

Why should you choose this cover ?

By purchasing our pool cover, you will enjoy a Coverseal patented system. Thanks to the research technology and its developments, our products guarantee security, economic savings, and customization, while also taking into account the wellbeing of our planet.

Technology, aesthetics, security, and safety of our planet… Coverseal offers a wide array of walkable pool covers, unequal to all other products currently on the market. The practicality and the benefits, especially for children, allow you to enjoy your pool all year round!