Thermal pool covers

Isothermal pool covers, ideal to reduce water evaporation with high-quality tarpaulins



Our isothermal pool covers are ideal to protect your pool from the winter cold and snow, as well as from the summer heat. This will guarantee great results throughout
the entire year.



Thanks to the thermal PVC tarpaulin, our pool cover allows to reduce ordinary and extraordinary maintenance costs; it protects your pool from bad weather and other issues such as ultraviolet rays.



Coverseal can customize the size of your thermal tarpaulin to make the isothermal cover even more efficient and functional.

Fond Gris

Thanks to our thermal tarp, pool covers and energy savings will go hand in hand

Solar energy and thermal isolation

Our thermal pool covers are perfect to guarantee an elevated thermal isolation. During the day, solar rays warm the pool cover and the pool water thanks to the transference of energy through irradiation.


During the night, the waterproof cover impedes water evaporation—the pool water does not cool down and you are not wasting energy.


Our isothermal tarpaulin has been especially studied to resist UV rays and the other chemical agents present in the water. This prevents photosynthesis and the formation of algae. The pool water is perfectly preserved and the use of chemical products for the preservation of the pool is reduced. This will grant you economic advantages, as well as relaxing baths for the adults and the children. You will no longer experience irritated and red eyes. All this allows us to protect our planet, as well.

Why choose Coverseal as your thermal pool cover ?

Our isothermal pool covers unite resistance to a unique and minimalist design. Thanks to our automatic mechanism with a removable control panel (which can easily be recharged through the electric panel), the PVC tarpaulin is always completely stretched out. Consequently, the tarpaulin can sustain heavy loads, and avoids the stagnation of rain water. Rain water is dissipated through the tiny holes that are present in the center of the cover.

The eco-sustainability of our products is based on the lack of electrical cords and in their capacity of completely recharging through photovoltaic panels (as is the case for our completely automatic model).