Coverseal: a minimalist design for your pool

By relying on our professionalism and experience it will be possible to enjoy the harmony of lines found in high-tech material


Pool covers with a unique and customized design

Thanks to the exclusive blockage system, which allows the tarpaulin to always be completely extended, Coverseal allows you to obtain a perfect yield, without imperfections.

Your pool will always be elegantly covered, almost as if it were dressed. When you open/close your pool, the covering mechanism (a tubular and folding motor) moves along the entire pool.

Coverseal is ideal for every type of pool (already existent or in the process of being built), whether it be an internal or external pool. Each cover model is customized according to the pool size and the clients’ requests: a wide array of tarpaulin and stainless-steel mechanism lining colors allow the pool cover to seamlessly blend in with the surrounding landscape.


Mechanism lining colors: RAL Classic K7 color chart (except fluorescent)

Colors of the tarpaulin:

Coloris membrane Coverseal
Fond gris

Line and technology perfection

Our eco-sustainable and high-tech materials express an aesthetic and linear perfection, an important characteristic of our pool covers.

Years of research and development have led us to the creation of a technologically unique pool cover, which is able to guarantee elevated performances throughout all four seasons.

Why should you choose our design ?

Lines simplicity, attention to details, and eco-sustainable technology

Coverseal covers are customizable, flexible, and adaptable!

Sans caisson de protection


Whether you choose a manual or semiautomatic model, the lateral mechanism will always be hidden and protected.

Esthétique simple et minimaliste


Each pool cover blends perfectly with the scenery around your pool.

Perfection et attention aux détails


The thermal, retractable, and walkable covers offer a meticulously studied design that pays a special attention to details!