Protect your pool while protecting nature

Make a conscious and sustainable choice to respect security regulations as well as the environment


Eco-sustainable materials for cleaner water

Resistant materials and the exclusive Coverseal blockage system guarantee cleaner water, protected from insects, animals, plants, and any other type of trash. Our anti-UV tarpaulin traps solar rays to warm up the pool and keeps some light away in order to avoid photosynthesis and the formation of algae. The pool’s PH level is, thus, much more stable.

Easy to use and reliable, Coverseal pool covers guarantee cleaner water throughout the years, during the summer and the winter months.

Fond gris

Green technology

Thanks to solid and resistant materials, Coverseal has created a cover that unites the practicality of high-tech support with the necessity that this product be long-lasting and sustainable. Furthermore, some cover systems are available in a completely automatic model, powered by autonomous solar panels.

Green technology allows us to unite design, minimalism, and eco-sustainability.

Why choose sustainable pool covers?

All the technological advantages at the service of sustainability

By choosing Coverseal pool covers you will benefit from the resistance of our high-tech materials, the perfection of lines, and the sustainability of the product.

Panneaux photovoltaïques


The Coverseal motorization system is powered by two photovoltaic panels that make the cover completely autonomous.

Aucun raccordement électrique


The installation of the pool cover system does not require wiring, which allows for a higher flexibility.

Isolation thermique élevée


Our pool covers allow you to warm up the pool water through solar energy, preventing water evaporation.