Automatic Model

The Coverseal automatic pool cover model is an innovative green cover that combines high-tech materials and aesthetics. Our roofing system is unique and protected by many patents, wich allows us to offer customers resistant, long-lasting, and reliable products.


Green Technology

Technology, design, and respect for the environment

The automatic model is always available, and it is characterized by the quality of technologically advanced materials, which guarantee perfect tension of the branded PVC Ferrari tarpaulin.

Télécommande à distance


The automatic model is powered by an integrated electrical panel, equipped with batteries powered by photovoltaic panels. The quick closing and locking system can be automatically activated by a remote control with a key.
This remote control must be fixed to a wall with mandatory view over the whole swimming pool (French standard AFNOR NF P 90-308 December 2013).

Rechargeable par des panneaux photovoltaïques


The sustainability and autonomy of our roofing systems are guaranteed by the presence of photovoltaic panels that allow not only to save on consumption, but also to respect the environment.

Personnalisation complète


The color of the tarpaulin, the mechanism lining, and the painting can be entirely customized according to the environment where the swimming pool coverage is meant to be placed.

Fond bleu

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Fond gris

The automatic model of pool cover with PVC tarpaulin and patented technology is customizable in every detail.

Liftable protective box with lifts

If there are obstacles near the swimming pool, a jack option is available. It is the ideal solution if the edges of the pool have curves or filtration groups. The assembly of the jacks on the body, therefore, allows you to adapt the Coverseal coverage to any type of environment.

Personalized choice of paint for the mechanism lining

Whether the pool is indoors or outdoors, the automatic model is equipped with a mechanism lining entirely painted to ensure perfect aesthetics. The color can be selected by consulting the RAL K7 Classic color chart.

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