Manual Model

Coverseal pool covers combine the perfection of the lines with a simple and minimalist aesthetic. Thanks to the exclusive locking system, our installations are a concentration of technology and guarantee reliability and safety in any situation


A 2.0 Cover


Secure and aesthetic

The manual model of our pool covers is operated by a ratchet wrench by those who want to protect the pool. The mechanism, made with two side boxes in stainless steel, guarantees protection and safety. In addition, aesthetic criteria have resulted in the creation of a product that is beautiful to look at and also complies with the rigorous French regulations of security AFNOR NF P 90-308 December 2013.

Tension parfaite


Thanks to the materials used, the Ferrari brand PVC tarp allows you to obtain an impeccable yield, a perfect tension, without creases, guaranteeing a solution aesthetically pleasing and, at the same time, functional.

Attentif aux détails


The refined and elegant design and the particular attention to details have brought to the realization of a swimming pool cover whose basic manual model is able to adapt to any situation.

Matériaux Hi-Tech


What makes our pool covers unique on the market is the choice of technologically advanced and cutting-edge materials. Our team, after years of research, owns several patents, including the Ferrari brand PVC tarpaulin which is now a guarantee of resistance and quality.

Quality is the main feature of all our covers, from the largest to the smallest.

Fond bleu

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Fond Gris

Why choose the basic manual model of our swimming pool covers?

Maximum security

If you are looking for a minimalist cover with side boxes in stainless steel and a mechanism operated by a ratchet wrench, our basic model is the ideal solution.
It is in fact able to guarantee maximum safety at a minimum price.
Thanks to the quality of the materials and the eco-sustainability of our pool covers, it is possible to combine simplicity with the elegance of the lines.

Maximum customization

Coverseal adapts to any form of swimming pool, both indoors and outdoors: we also supply custom-made covers, offering a wide range of models and colors able to perfectly integrate the environment around the pool.

Consult the technical sheet of the C500M model

Consult the technical sheet of the C700M model

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Couverture de piscine Coverseal C500SA Modèle Semiautomatique Membrane grise


Harmonious and capable of adapting to every need. This model is equipped with a movable command panel and rechargeable batteries.

Couverture de piscine Coverseal C600 Modèle Automatique Caisson gris Membrane grise.


Green and patent automation technology, as well as a completely customizable design, to perfectly match with the sourroundings.