Semi-automatic Model

Coverseal pool cover systems allow you to protect your outdoor and indoor swimming pool in total safety, perfectly combining technology and sustainability with a minimalist design. Wether for a large swimming pool or a swimming pool still in the process of being constructed, our team can customize the covering system according to your needs.


A 2.0 Cover

Safety, technology, and comfort

The semi-automatic swimming pool cover model is characterized by a removable control panel equipped with rechargeable batteries that are connected to the electrical panel of your home. The person who wishes to open or close the cover must be near the cover in order to accompany the mechanism during its movement. The result is technologically flawless.

Harmonie et capacité de s'adapter à l'environnement


Mécanisme semi-automatique


Attentif aux détails


Thanks to the wide range of colors available for the tarpaulin, the semi-automatic model of pool covers fits perfectly into the environment and the landscape in which the pool is located.

The semi-automatic model is powered by a portable control panel, equipped with batteries, which accompanies the cover as it opens and closes. This way, it is possible to enjoy the technology and the perfect tension of the PVC Ferrari brand

Just like the other covering models in our catalog, the semi-automatic model has been carefully studied and manufactured with great attention to details. The perfection of details makes our products unique on the market.

Fond bleu

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Fond gris

The semi-automatic model of pool covers has been designed to adapt to all your needs and to integrate perfectly with the environment in which it will be inserted

Removable control panel

This is one of the characteristics of the semi-automatic swimming pool cover model. It features specific batteries which can be recharged in just two hours on the appropriate electrical panel. Facility and comfort are, as always, guaranteed.

Flexibility and adaptability

Years of research and development have led to the birth of the semi-automatic Coverseal model. Equipped with a control panel, it can be used intuitively and quickly with a click. Furthermore, thanks to the resistance of the rechargeable batteries and the system of record opening / closing, the semi-automatic model is the ideal solution for those who want to protect their swimming pool at the right price.

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