A revolutionary technology designed to best service your pool

The Coverseal brand was born to give a unique and high-level response to a demanding clientele.


Our story

With the creation of Coverseal in 2007, Benoit Coenraets wished to apply his knowledge of automatic doors in PVC with a fast-opening DYNACO system to pools. His previous experience in the industrial sector guarantee the reliability and security that pool covers require. The only detail that was missing was aesthetics.

This is how Coverseal was born. Its objective is to refine a type of pool protection that offers more functionality than what one might expect. This pool cover is reliable, easy to use, and it blends in with the landscape around it in a natural and harmonious way.

Logo Coverseal
Fond gris

The research behind the development and sustainment of this pool cover

Three years of research and development were necessary to develop this unique type of pool cover—never loose and always reliable.

Why should you choose us ?

Personalization, technology, and quality

Our journey has allowed us to develop thermic pool covers that are retractable and easy to walk on, while answering our clients’ request and respecting our planet.



Our pool covers are ecofriendly and sustainable. They are powered by photovoltaic panels, they do not require an electric plug, and they impede water evaporation and photosynthesis.



Thanks to our automatic blockage system and to the fast-working isolating and isothermal cover, our covers ensure total protection not only for adults, but for children, as well. Our covers are in compliance with French regulation AFNOR NF P 90-308 December 2013.



Our research and development journey has lead us to the presentation of numerous patents that protect the quality and functionality of our pool covers and make them a unique product.