Safety cover for Coverseal pools

Reliability, safety, and technology are the basis of our swimming pool cover products.


Our safety covers for swimming pools

Thanks to the experience in the sector, our Coverseal team will guide you in choosing the pool cover safety that best for you. Ensuring reliability and comfort for those who rely on Coverseal is fundamental for us.

Our covers comply with the current swimming pool safety regulations (NF P90-308 December 2013): they have been studied in detail to eliminate sources of danger, especially for the little ones. In particular, the quick closure (45 seconds for a 10m x 5m swimming pool) and its locking ensure total security of the cover. Access to the swimming pool can be secured simply by pressing a button.

For this reason, Coverseal pool cover and child safety are identical to us. By relying on our professionalism, you can enjoy certified, guaranteed, and quality products.

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Safety covers for swimming pool: resistant and reliable materials

What makes a pool cover truly safe and reliable is the care with which it is made and the choice of materials that comprise it. Coverseal swimming pool covers have been specially designed to answer any need in terms of size of the tank to be protected, in order to guarantee optimal weather resistance.

The resistance has been tested and evaluated in compliance with the French regulation NF P90-308 December 2013: all our covers have successfully passed the resistance tests foreseen by the current legislation. The solid materials (Ferrari branded PVC tarpaulin) allow safety covers for swimming pools, underground and not, to be very resistant. Furthermore, the tensioning of the tarpaulin guarantees optimal security for the entire cover.

Finally, the extra-flat track guides and locks the cover in complete safety by following progress along the pool. For this reason, the locking mechanism of the cover of pool safety is automatic and excludes any distraction by the user.

Advantages of the Coverseal pool safety cover

Safety, technology and aesthetics

By choosing our pool safety covers, you will enjoy an aesthetic all year round: pleasant, certified safety, and an environmentally sustainable product.



Our covers are automatic and powered by photovoltaic panels that do not require any electrical connection



Our covers remain perfectly in tension thanks to the branded PVC tarpaulin Ferrari



Years of research have led to the creation of products that last over time due to the high-tech materials that make them up