A cutting-edge technology
coming from the design world

The Coverseal design is based on the expert combination of innovative materials—the result of years of research and the attainment of numerous patents.

What makes our technology unique?


Security, eco-sustainability, and our design

Coverseal represents the new generation of safety pool covers, the result of many years of research. It’s a new product, highly technological, without equals on the market

Couverture en PVC


Joint isolant


Autonome et automatique


Fond Gris

PVC Ferrari​ Tarpaulin

The resistance of the materials used for our walkable pool covers guarantees a long-lasting and optimal functioning.
Our Ferrari brand tarpaulin contains a pre-compressed polyester weft, which is extremely resistant. This characteristic guarantees that the cover will not morph in shape under the weight of snow or people. Furthermore, it guarantees optimal protection against UV rays and consequently impedes the formation of algae

Properties of isothermal PVC covers

A unique pool cover

Studied to unite resistance and functionality, Coverseal pool covers are unlike any other product on the market. Below are some of our reasons:

Tension maximale


The isothermal tarpaulin remains in tension thanks to the pre-compressed polyester weft and to the PVC density, which avoids contact between the tarpaulin itself and the pool water. Furthermore, because of this perfect tension above the pool, there is no water evaporation, which keeps the pool water clean.



The tarpaulin does not morph under the weight of snow or people, and is perfectly resistant to the damages caused by pollution and UV rays

Anti UV


The tarpaulin blocks UV rays, preventing photosynthesis and the formation of algae

Fond Gris

Perfectly sealed

The Coverseal system is unique and patented.

Coverseal pool covers unroll and lock on simultaneously thanks to the minimalist 10-millimeter track. This track remains sealed, which blocks the accumulation of dirt and debris.

Furthermore, the small track is protected by a secure black belt, safe for feet as well as for children.

The characteristics of Coverseal motorized pool covers

250 - 500 kg

Resistant to the weight of snow and people

10 mm

Maximum security 10-millimeter track


Resistance to extreme temperatures

Fond gris

Automatic and autonomous

The motorized pool cover is automatic, fast, and silent. It only takes 15 seconds to cover a 10-meter x 5-meter pool. Batteries life covers approximately 10 openings/closings for a 13-meter pool.

The Coverseal motorization system is powered by batteries that can be recharged through two photovoltaic panels. This allows your pool cover to be sustainable and autonomous. Furthermore, the installation of the system does not involve any electrical wiring.

Fond Bleu

Why choose them ?


Openings/closings for a 13-meter pool

45 sec

To cover a 10-meter x 5-meter pool


Solar panel-rechargeable batteries


Three models to custom according to your personal taste

Couverture de piscine Coverseal C500M Modèle Manuel Membrane grise


A simple system—elegant, minimalist, flexible, and easy to activate with a ratchet key. Reliability and security are guaranteed for every circumstance.

Couverture de piscine Coverseal C500SA Modèle Semiautomatique Membrane grise


Harmonious and capable of adapting to every need. This model is equipped with a movable command panel and rechargeable batteries.

Couverture de piscine Coverseal C600 Modèle Automatique Caisson gris Membrane grise.


Green and patent automation technology, as well as a completely customizable design to perfectly match with the surroundings.